Home Offsite Backup What is It?
A staggering volume of data today is stored on single hard drives, in unsecured facilities, and on older IT equipment, the loss of which could be catastrophic to any business. This leaves businesses unprepared for any emergency including theft, fire, power surge, and more. The first step to prevent this from happening is to embrace a strategic emergency disaster recovery plan for your data, enterprise wide. By installing the Rentavault offsite backup portal on any computer where critical data is created and stored, your emergency disaster recovery plan will come into effect. While many disaster recovery plans exist, real-time and/or scheduled backups to an offsite location stand today as the most effective and powerful solution of all.
Plan for your business:
  • Determine all points where data is created and stored, and determine how much storage will be required for every computer. Sources of data could include everything from laptops and desktops to workstations and server groups. Rentavault's offsite backup solution can securely back up any of the above computers so long as they're running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Novell NetWare, Sun Solaris, or any combination of these operating systems.
  • Sum up total storage capacity needed for existing data.
  • Add a percentage of overage capacity as determined to be needed for future growth, knowing that your plan can also be upgraded at any time.
  • Download the software from our site here.
  • Install the software on the first computer and save your encrypting key in a secure location.
  • Use your account information that you created before to install the client on all of your other computers.
  • Select directories and files to be backed up by configuring the client on each computer.
  • Run an initial backup of every computer.
  • Schedule your backups for a go-forward basis.
Once This software is in place your backups will flow like the diagram below:

Because the system is an “online” solution, once a file is protected, it will never be backed up again unless the file changes. This eliminates backing up the same unchanged files each night. When files do changes, only the “changed” portion is copied offsite to Rentavault’s Vault. This is called delta blocking – the process of recognizing changed information in a file and backing up only the new information. Should one of these files need to be restored, the system will rebuild the file and deliver it back to you. This reduces both bandwidth and storage requirements making this an “Internet friendly” solution.
Should you need to restore a large amount of data that would otherwise not be practical to pull over the Internet in a reasonable timeframe, Rentavault can copy your backups from their Vault to a portable device (hard drive, laptop, PC, server, etc.) and deliver it to you. Optionally, when you initially set up your backup jobs, you can opt to have a "local copy" of your daily backup jobs stored locally on your own hard disk. This will allow you to backup and restore your data at LAN speeds (or faster, if using local disk). There are no additional charges for this option, nor additional storage fees - it is simply a feature of the free software we provide.