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Colocation Options you can Trust

You've invested in an IT infrastructure and the people to support your business.  And yet, potential risks abound: from hardware failures, denial-of-service attacks and viruses, to disgruntled ex-employees, ice storms, hurricanes, floods and downed power transmission lines. The list is seemingly endless. The effect of an outage on your business could be catastrophic. 

That’s why it’s critical to work with a colocation partner you can trust.  With Rentavault Inc., you can rest assured that you’re always protected.  We offer unmatched security and reliability for your mission critical applications and systems. 

Our facilities are  Fault tolerant meaning there are no single point of failure could impact the main production infrastructure, or its failover.  As a result, you have a much higher level of reliability. 

Our facilities feature  advanced security and monitoring systems, sophisticated fire suppression systems and redundant utility transformers,  Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS's), main switch panels, UPS's and PDU's.

Best part, we have dozens of seasoned engineers and administrators on staff offering a full suite of managed services – network, storage, security and more.  So as your needs expand or if issues arise, you know we’ve got the talent in house to handle anything you might encounter.


Co-location vs In-house

The advantages of co-location become clear once you recognize the cost and time delays associated with providing the same services in an existing office or premises.

Costs to allow for

  • Server racks for storage of equipment
  • UPS capable of supporting machine for at least 15 minutes
  • Router to connect to incomming Internet connections.
  • Network switch to allow connection of multiple machines
  • Firewall to protect network from attacks
  • At least two fiber connections to the Internet
  • Network monitoring and paging equipment
  • Climate control air conditioning system

Delays to allow for

  • Allow at least 30 working days for provision or upgrade of Internet connections
  • High speed connections might not be available at your location
  • Install, configure and load test your equipment

Even when all of these costs and time delays have been allowed for, the chances are your connection to the Internet will be substantially slower than that of a data center's and limited in expansion capacity, you'll need to invest further in new routers if in future you need additional capacity.  Your data will be costing you 50% more because the volume is much lower and worst of all when there's a problem at 3am on a Sunday morning YOU will have to deal with it!

There must be some benefits of having your equipment in-house right? Yes there are, you can access your machine at any time with ease using a keyboard and monitor. A function quite comfortably performed remotely using SSH or one of numerous free remote control packages for Windows.

Is it really worth spending thousands of dollars, losing your weekends and waiting for Internet connections to be installed when you could be up and running on the same day for as little as $242/month? (1RU server with power and Fiber Connection inbound data).


Benefits of Colocation

We will build a server based on your requirements, provide the bandwidth and IT staff to manage the equipment for you. We have already invested in the network infrastructure and security so you do not have to. This allows you to focus on the core of your business and we will focus on keeping you up and running.

Let us take care of you

We are able to provide you will IP address space, bandwidth, and a server or servers to fit your needs. This can help you save a considerable amount of money. The life of our hardware is extended because all equipment is housed in a controlled environment. We also are able to provide enterprise level backup and monitoring tools, that would cost you extra if you did your own network.

Building a data center cost a considerable amount of money, if you are a small to medium size business, chances are you could outgrow your current facilities, but with colocation you can have the flexibility to move your location to fit your needs without having to recreate another expensive data center. This insures your move is completed smoothly without any interruption of services.