backup saves moneyCost Savings:
Manual backups such as Tapes, CD's DVD's or even USB Portable Drives still require a lot of IT staff time compared to the relatively little or no time required of Rentavault's online backups. The reduction in the testing and manual handling of backup media provided by Rentavault's online backups makes your IT staff available to perform more productive tasks.
If you have employees in charge of the daily backup of your data, you have cost involved with that process. Though it may seem insignificant, you may be surprised to the actual costs.
Example: One employee to backup your data cost you wages, lost production and costs of media. So that is triple the cost to do a single task.
To backup 5GB of data onto a DVD = $9.00 per hour x 1 hour a day x 5 days a week = $45.00 per week. x 4.33 weeks in a month = $194.85 per month ( You can adjust the numbers to fit your cost, this is merely an example. )
This cost doesn't include intangible costs associated with the backup. You also have the cost of media this could include tapes, cd's. dvd's or even USB portable drives. This number would be in addition to your costs you have already incurred.